Our story

We have three daughters. From our own experience, we know all too well that the first months after birth are special but certainly also hard. The Bednest was for us and our children a godsend. It is a product that makes you think: ‘Everyone should know this!’ We put our money where our mouth is. Nina is an important asset to our team and also the proud mother of a son and a baby daughter. She is just as passionate about the Bednest as we are. From 2011 we developed our company into the knowledge platform for the Bednest and we made many parents happy with the Bednest baby cot. Since then we sell and rent out the Bednest via our website in order to make the Bednest available to everyone. This way we stay in contact with parents and we learn more every day. We are also the European distributor for Bednest and supply many shops all over Europe.


Our team aims to allow as many parents as possible to sleep next to their newborn babies and to offer them as much comfort as possible. With this in mind, we provide a beautiful baby cot that will make your heart jump. Sleeping close to your child has many advantages. It strengthens the bond between parent and child. In addition, the parents have direct supervision of their baby and to the mother who just gave birth and who is not yet very mobile, the Bednest makes life more comfortable. Furthermore, setting up the Bednest is easy; no screws are needed. The Bednest also has the function of a Moses basket and is easy to carry.

For everyone

Our baby cot can be angled in many different positions. This possibility offers comfort when the baby suffers from colds or reflux. The owner of Bednest gained personal experience with this baby cot when one of his children suffered a lot from reflux. The Bednest brought relief and the parents were very enthusiastic. So the idea arose to sell the Bednest themselves.

Sleeping together

Our team is highly motivated to raise awareness about sleeping right beside your baby. UNICEF is also an advocate of this natural form of sleeping close together. Thanks to the Bednest, this experience is made possible in a beautiful and safe way. Furthermore, Bednest wants to continue to develop baby products that are good and safe and that burden the environment as little as possible.

A better world

To us, saving the environment and contributing to society are important. Thanks to the possibility of renting, the Bednest has a longer life. In order to reduce the burden on the environment, parts are replaced where necessary. The returned rental bed is thoroughly cleaned and gets new fabric sides and a new mattress. The baby cot is also checked for any damage so that the next person who rents it, receives a fresh, beautiful and safe baby cot. Bednest offers the customer a choice between the purchase of a regular or an organic mattress. We ensure that production is as clean as possible and that materials are used as effectively as can be. Corporate social responsibility is also of great importance to Bednest. We offer an opportunity to people whose circumstances limit their access to the employment market. The core values of the company are: quality, beauty, safety, service and personal approach.