Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can do so by following this link:

    Other partners who rent out our Bednest with permission and whose quality Pink Cloud / Bednest guarantees (new mattress and new fabric sides):

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    Pink Cloud / Bednest accepts no liability for other companies that offer the Bednest for rent.

  • Yes, both slatted bases and box springs – but please contact us if you have a specific question.

  • The Height of the Bednest is easily adjustable and can be used with beds, where the top of the mattress is not less than 42 cm and no more than 78 cm from the floor.

  • The safety straps are intended to attach the Bednest to the parental bed, so that you can create a safe bridge function between the Bednest and the Parental Bed. The safety straps prevent the Bednest from sliding away.

  • We use a max height of 78 cm. Note that you always attach the base to the bed with the supplied straps.

  • Yes, there are several mattress towels available in our webshop. Note: ordinary crib sheets are too big for the Bednest mattress.

  • The Bednest has a warranty of 12 months, but please contact us if something unexpected happens after 12 months.

  • In a reinforced transport box, so that your Bednest arrrives safely.

  • Yes, we send to all countries within Europe except Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Extra costs may apply oustide Europe. For delivery in Australia and New Zealand, we kindly refer you to our partner there:
    We have been advised by US CPSA that bedside cribs with fully opening sides are not compliant with the latest US standard for bedside sleepers. We respect their advice and as such we are unable to supply the Bednest to the USA and Canada and this would also include the sale of replacement mattresses and all accessories.

  • If you order before 14.00 on weekdays, your order will usually be delivered the next day. We also deliver on Saturday.

  • The manual is always in the box. But you can also download it HERE

  • Babies feel more comfortable and are calmer when they feel safe in a small space. Exactly like their mum in the belly. A bed is too big for a baby in the first months, they ‘swim’ in the enormous space around them, making them restless. A safe place, such as a Bednest, offers a well-organized, small and protected space. Pay attention if your child is in the Bednest; they feel with their hands on the fabric sides. That gives them a secure feeling.

  • Maximum recommended weights is 10 kg

  • The Bed Nest is designed to be used until the baby is about 6 months old. It depends on the length (mattress is 82 cm) and weight (max. 10 kg) of your baby and if your baby can sit without help, can pull himself up, can sit on the knees, then he / she is the Bednest has outgrown and you have to go to a bed as a bed.

  • Babies start rolling at an age of about three months and at this stage we advise you to keep up on both sides.

  • No, you should never leave the sides open if you are not there! Always do both sides up!

  • No, your baby should never be left alone in the Bednest with a side down unless an adult is present.

  • Cot bumpers are not recommended with the Bednest.

  • No

    If the crib is attached to the adult bed the sensor can pick up movement from the adult bed and give a false reading

  • The cradle alone weighs approx. 7,8 kg. The chassis weighs about 6,1 kg. The complete Bednest in the bag weighs approx. 14 kg.

  • The cradle: Height 345 mm, Length 860 mm, Width 440 mm, height frame maximum 590 mm to at least 260 mm. Height base with cradle on it is a maximum of 660 mm (top mattress) to a minimum of 330 mm.
    The box in which your Bednest is delivered is 870mm x 530mm x 225mm with a weight of approx. 17,2 kg.

  • Length 82 cm, width 37 cm, thickness 4 cm. The Bednest comes with a standard mattress.

  • It is washable and water-resistant. It is filled with cold foam with a detachable cover.

  • The Bednest is made in Europe from high quality beech wood that comes from responsibly managed forests (FSC quality mark). The wood is treated with water-based lacquer. The side panels are made in Europe, and consist of 100% cotton, with nylon and polyester on the inside and outside, the band is made of polypropylene and the corner tabs are made of plastic.

  • You put the sides in a closed pillowcase in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Make sure you put the Velcro on each other well! Then you put them wet again around the Bednest frame, so they dry tight and fit well.

  • If you rent a Bednest, you can be sure that your Bednest is in perfect and clean condition, with a new mattress and new sides.

    You can arrange the rent of your Bednest at any time. That may be months in advance, but also just before your due date or even after your delivery. Then keep in mind a few days delivery time.
    We advise you to keep 3 weeks before your due date as the delivery date. If your child is unexpectedly born earlier, just let us know! We ensure that the Bednest comes to you as soon as possible.
    In the webshop you choose the date that falls 3 weeks before your due date. Automatically, 7 months are added to that, so you know when you have to return the Bednest. The data will also be confirmed to you by email. By the end of the 7 months you will receive an email explaining how to return the Bednest. Please note that you always keep the transport box for the return shipment. You can tick the desired extra accessories in the webshop. These are then delivered together with your Bednest.
    Make sure you keep the shipping box well for the return shipment.

  • No sorry. From experience we know that the 6 to 7 months are really necessary to let your child sleep in the Bednest.

  • You do not have to do anything for minor damage due to normal use. However, if there are any damages that threaten the safety and functions of the Bednest, you should call us directly at 035 73 705 87 or email Your Bednest must always be in good condition to ensure safety. The repair costs for more serious damage are passed on to you. To prevent any costs, you can opt for insurance when renting the Bednest.

  • No, that is not allowed. Only use a mattress supplied by Bednest. They are specially designed with the correct length, height and width to guarantee safety. Make sure that the mattress never exceeds the maximum height as indicated in the cradle. So never put blankets, towels or other material under the mattress, so that it exceeds the maximum indicated height.

  • We understand that it looks very nice, all those cuddly toys in a cradle. Yet it is urgently advised not to put cuddly toys in a cradle with a baby. Whether it is the Bednest or any other baby bed. It impedes air circulation and can therefore be very dangerous.

  • No, the Bednest has no swing function. That was deliberately chosen after thorough research. Rocking a baby asleep does not necessarily contribute to the quiet sleep of your child. Often the cradling of your child arises out of pure despair of parents, because they find all kinds of ways to comfort their child. Of course it often helps, but then the child gets used to falling asleep in this way. As a result, you, as a parent, are constantly on the move and are no longer due to your rest or sleep. It is much better to immediately teach your child to sleep well in their own crib. That also offers the parents peace and night’s rest. To offer that night’s rest while the child is reassured in his own bed and learns to sleep there, the folding side of the Bednest has been designed. The bridge function also ensures that you as a parent can lie relaxed with your child.

  • You can have the Bednest at home for 14 days. We are convinced that you will be very happy with this special cradle. If you have changed your mind, no problem! Provided everything is in its original packaging and unused and undamaged, you may return it on your own costs. Send us an email to

  • We are always available, call us +31357370587, email or send a whatsapp +00316 410 968 34 to us and we will arrange it for you!