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These are very challenging times for everyone and we send our best wishes to you and your loved ones to stay safe and well.
Whether you're getting your Bednest ready to use again or pass to a family member or friend or if you've just borrowed or bought one second-hand you'll most likely be planning to refresh the fabrics -  almost certainly a new mattress, maybe replacement of the sides and perhaps some new sheets.
That's why we are doing our very best to keep supplying from this website. We use a 3rd party warehouse to store stock and dispatch orders and the team there are doing a fantastic job whilst keeping safe. However they will close if forced to do so and if this happens we will not be able to take or supply any new orders. Rest assured we will of course process a full refund if we cannot dispatch an order already in the system.
We don't want to panic anyone into buying anything unnecessarily but if you do need items to refresh your Bednest we recommend ordering now whilst we can still supply. 
In the meantime we urge everyone to follow the latest advice from the government.
Please take care. 
Bednest x 

The Bednest bedside crib was designed to enable easy replacement of fabrics.
Many Bednests have provided years of service and our online shop offers a range of items including mattresses, sheets and fabric sides to help our U.K. customers to continue to benefit from their crib.

However, please be aware stocks are running low and we only have a few weeks supply left on some items and they won't be replenished when sold out.
Some cribs have remained in the same family, whilst others have been loaned, given away or sold. It’s generally recommended that a new mattress is used for each baby. We extend this recommendation to the fabric sides and sheets and we think it’s especially important to replace these with new if the crib transfers from one family to another.
If our online shop doesn’t have the item you need, or you’re not in the U.K., please contact the Bednest brand owner in The Netherlands for further assistance.   




    “With 2 weeks to go until our 3rd baby was due to arrive we had our Bednest ready. It is one of the best things we have ever purchased. It provides us with peace of mind knowing our baby is safe yet close to us at night time. 


    We love that we can feed our baby and gently put them back to bed with minimal stress and fuss. We highly recommend Bednest to any parents-to-be!"


    The Hunter Family


    We have supplied to around 50,000 parents - read more customer reviews here.

    Easy access to your baby from both sides of the Bednest
    "Ella was 5 weeks early, and the team at Bednest were really helpful in arranging for my bedside crib to be sent early for her arrival. It was great to have her near us and being premature it gave me the extra reassurance I needed to be able to see her or hold her hand without getting out of bed. I'm convinced that the Bednest is one of the reasons she slept so well from a young age.
    As a mum of 3, people often ask me what baby products I recommend and I always say the Bednest! I think it's really good value too. Ella was in her bednest for some time and extending the rental period was no problem. I found the customer service excellent. Thoroughly recommended!"




    Easy to reach out to your baby from your bed

    Unlike most other bedside cribs, the Bednest has been designed to work prety much straight out of the box. It can be ready to attach to your bed in virtually no time at all.

    Perfect for nighttime feeds

    Bednest mums love that the crib folds flat in seconds without the need for any tools.


    This makes it so easy to ensure your baby sleeps in a familiar environment when you visit family and friends.


    (The bag is an optional extra.)


    Perfect for bonding and attachment.

    Bednest mums love being able to bring baby to them for nighttime feeds without having to leave their bed.


    This is less disturbing for you, your baby and anyone else at home - which can mean more sleep for everyone.



    The Bednest stand can be easily adjusted for a near exact match to your bed so there's no step from the crib mattress to yours - from 30cm up to 66cm. Check your bed height as some other bedside cribs only go from 35cm up to 58cm. 


    And with the Bednest’s unique sliders, the stand can be tilted; which some mums say helps relieve the symptoms of reflux.


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    Easy for nighttime feeds




    Thanks to the unique opening side panel.


    The Bednest's framed side panel opens onto your bed crossing gaps of up to 7.5cm to ensure there's no dangerous gap between the crib mattress and yours.


    This means the Bednest can be used with mattresses that sit within a frame as well as divans.

    2nd Opening Side Panel
    Easy access ... from both sides.
    The Bednest has a unique 2nd opening side panel so there's no need to lift baby over a closed side when the crib is attached to your bed. This may be particularly helpful after a C section. 


    Of course, be sure to close the side after you've returned baby to the crib.



Attachment and bonding with baby next to you
    ... and with sides closed use it like a regular crib.

    The Bednest can be moved around the home to use in any room - not just beside a bed.


    So later on you may wish to use it freestanding in the nursery.



    Easy to reach to your baby

    "I wish I had known about the Bednest earlier. We didn't rent one until my son was 2 months old and I would have loved to have had one from the day we came home from hospital. Night time feeds were so much easier with the Bednest as I didn't have to leave my nice, warm cosy bed. This certainly meant that I was happier to breastfeed for longer.  

    I loved that we could take the Bednest with us when we went to visit family too as it meant our son was sleeping in the same place he was used to. We used the Bednest until our son outgrew it and I will definitely be renting a Bednest again when our little girl is born later this year.

    I cannot recommend the Bednest highly enough for those early months"



    Mum and baby