• How long will you be offering items to refresh my Bednest?

    We have remained in business solely to offer a service to UK customers so they can refesh their Bednests with items such as mattresses, fabric sides and fitted sheets. However ....

    ....  we only have limited supplies remaining and will not be replenishing stocks .... so when they’re gone, they’re really gone.

    If you need an item for your Bednest we recommend that it’s best to order it when you see it. If we remove an item from the shop page it means it has sold out and will not appear again. 

  • Who can I contact if I can’t see the item I need or I’m outside the UK?

    Send an email to the Bednest brand owner in The Netherlands...

  • Why haven’t I had a reply to my email?

    Many questions are answered in this FAQ - so the most likely reason is that the answer to your question is already contained within this FAQ - please check. If that’s not the case please send the email again and in the subject line please put “I cannot find an answer in the FAQ” ..... this will also help us to make the FAQ more comprehensive if we think other people are likely to ask the same question. Thank you.

    We are not resourced to reply to emails from the USA ... nor from Canada where bedside cribs are not permitted.

  • Where can I buy items to refresh my Bednest?

    We supply UK customers with the following items to refresh their Bednests ready for next use. We only have the listed items. We do not have any other parts nor do we offer a crib repair service. 

    Mattresses - a choice of 2

    Fitted sheets - a choice of 2

    Fabric side panels 

    Carry bag

    Attachment straps 


    Shop here . There is no extra charge for delivery to U.K. addresses.

    For any other item not listed on our shop page or for delivery outside the U.K. send your enquiry to the Bednest brand owner here.

  • Can I buy spare parts and other items not listed in the shop page and do you offer a repair service?

    We only have the items listed in the shop page for sale and we are only able to supply those listed items to U.K. addresses. We do not sell waterproof covers nor are we in a position to recommend any.

    If you are outside of the U.K. or you wish to buy a part not listed by us, please contact the Bednest brand owner - details here.

    We don’t offer a repair service as we no longer have any premises or staff to provide such a service. 



  • Do you only ship items listed in the shop page to UK addreses?


  • Do you sell new / pre-loved cribs or offer the crib hire service?

    We do not sell new or pre-loved cribs and we do not offer a crib hire service. 

    We do sell replacement mattresses, fabric sides, fitted sheets, carry bags and attachment straps - but only to addresss within the U.K.

  • How soon can it be delivered?

    We can usually deliver within 7 working days from receipt of an order. Sometimes it’s quicker; sometimes a bit longer.

    Side frame packages and mattresses are sent using a tracked sevice provided by DHL.

    Fabric sides, bags, sheets and attachment straps are posted by Royal Mail - you will not receive an email and the delivery is not tracked. However, if you order these items with a mattress on the same order they’ll be packed in the mattress box. 

    We normally suggest having delivery about 2 weeks before your due date.

    Place your order here


  • My payment card has no start date or a start date of 2019 - what do I do at the checkout?

    You can ignore the start date drop-down box leaving it unchanged in its default setting. All other fields will need to be completed as normal. 

  • I bought my crib in Australia - who should I contact with questions?
    Please contact the retailer in Australia where you bought your crib so they can address your issues if the crib is still under warranty. Alternatively you can contact the Australian distributor Danish by Design for assistance
    The email address for the  Bednest brand owner is and they are based in The Netherlands.


  • Where can I download the latest User Guides in English and a selection of other languages?

    You can download the latest User Guides in a selection of languages:


    English  here.

    Dutch / Nederlands here.

    French / Français here.

    German / Deutsche here.

    Italian / Italiano here.

    Spanish / Español here.




  • What is this website for and how do I make contact if I cannot find an answer?
    Our new Registered address
    We sell a selection of items to prepare your Bednest for next use.

    Delivery is to UK addresses only - excluding modification kits


    - We only sell the items shown in the shop page and do not have a crib repair service

    - If you want a hired crib collected please see the FAQs for contact details

    - For all other contact please send an email

    EMAIL: We aim to reply to emails within 5 working days. 
    Opening times: Tuesday to Thursday 11am to 4pm. 
    Before you email us, have you checked our FAQ to see if there's an answer to your question or enquiry? Click here.
    If you have a Bednest with a half-folding side panel click here for details of the self-fit modification kit and how to acquire one. 


  • I’m in the UK but can’t see any products on the shop page - what should I do?

    That usually means that our website thinks you are not in the UK - this could be because your service is routed to an IP address in another country. This can happen, for example, if you’re using a work computer. 


    If you are in the UK .....


    Try from a different device or location 

    Switch between Safari and Chrome

    Switch between home broadband and a mobile network



  • Do any items in the shop page include the Bednest crib?
    We no longer sell or hire the Bednest crib. Items for sale in the shop page are to enable Bednest crib owners in the U.K. to refresh their Bednest for next use.
    The full retail price of the Bednest was £299 so please do not think you’re getting one included when you order any item on the shop page. :) 
    If you wish to buy a Bednest or any items for delivery outside of the U.K. please visit here.
  • Questions about returning hired Bednests



    For the operation of your Bednest hire agreement our distributor in The Netherlands, Pink Cloud, will be the point of contact when it’s time to return your crib. 


    Your contact details will passed to Pink Cloud purely for the management of your hire agreement for this purpose. 


    Pink Cloud will make the arrangements for the return. There is no extra cost for you to pay for the crib to be returned. 


    Pink Cloud’s address, phone number and email address are:


    Pink Cloud /

    Nijverheidswerf 34

    1402BW  BUSSUM

    The Netherlands 


    Phone: 0031641096834





    Furthermore, after the hire term of the most recent hirer has come to an end Bednest Ltd will be ending its FCA approval for consumer hire. This has no effect on your current agreement and there is no action to take.



    Q. Do I need to keep the packaging for a hired Bednest?


    A. Yes please. You will need it to pack up the Bednest for return.




  • I’ve just acquired or am about to acquire a second-hand Bednest - is there a checklist before I use it?


    Only buy genuine parts to refresh your Bednest. We supppy the main items needed to customers in the U.K. from this website. 

    **** IMPORTANT ****

    Make sure the crib does not have a side that can be put into a half-fold position. Original owners were emailed to request a modification kit to disable this feature back in December 2015. Those that did not respond were still sent a kit anyway in 2016. Ideally ask the seller / lender to fit the kit before you buy / borrow it. 

    If the crib does not have the kit fitted we recommend finding one that does.

    Do not use the side in the half-fold position and contact us to request a modification kit which should be fitted. Full details of how to request the kit and the information we need here

    Check your bed height - the crib works with beds where the top of the mattress is between 30cm and 66cm measured from the floor.

    We always recommend using a new mattress for each baby. Only use a genuine Bednest branded mattress available on this website.

    We also recommend replacing the fabric sides - in particular check they’ve not lost any elasticity; they should fit tight and not open too easily. We are the only source for these in the U.K. 

    Make sure the crib has the 2 x attachment straps to secure it to your bed. You can order straps from us. 

    Check the stand for any damage or cracks. Do not use a damaged stand.

    Check all parts are securely fitted. If in doubt do not buy and do not use. 

    Check it has the latest User Guide. You can download a copy on this website elewhere in the FAQ. 

    Always follow the safety instructions in the User Guide and if the crib does not fit your bed do not use. 

    If you have any doubt about the safety of the second-hand crib do not buy it, borrow it or use it.

  • What items should I renew for next use?
    Firstly make sure the side panel cannot be half-folded - if it can, visit the blog to see how to acquire a modification kit. 
    It is generally recommended to use a new mattress for each baby. The decision to renew fabric sides - or not - should be guided by their condition. However, if the crib was last used by another family, we’d recommend replacing the fabric sides whatever their condition. If it’s your crib and was used by you last time, if the fabric is a bit soiled even after washing we’d recommend new. The main test is whether the elasticity is good - the tabs should still create a tight and secure fit; if not, that’s another reason to replace the sides with new. So, if the sides are clean and maintain a tight fit when secured in the upright position, there’s probably no need to change them. Having said that, of course it’s personal choice and some customers like to renew all the fabrics, including new sheets. To repeat, if you’ve bought or borrowed the crib from another family - or you’re planning on passing the crib to another family - we’d recommend a new mattress and new fabric sides. 
    Further checks should include making sure you’ve got both attachment straps and that they’re still in good condition. It’s also worth checking the latest user guide - here’s a link to it
    It’s also worth checking after storage that all bolts are tight and there are no splits appearing in the wood. 
  • Can I return items for a refund if not suitable?



    Fabrics / mattresses are delivered ‘sealed for hygiene’ so it is important that you make sure they suitable for your crib before opened as refunds cannot be given if the seal is broken. This does not apply where there is a manufacturing fault.


    You have the right to cancel for a full refund from when the order is placed and up to 14 days from when the item is delivered to you. You then have up to 14 days to return the item unopened and in its original packaging to us. You must pay the return postage / courier costs. This will be refunded to you in cases where the item is found to be faulty. The method of return must provide a proof of delivery. 



  • How long can I use the Bednest?

    Stop using the Bednest when your baby begins to sit up or kneel unaided or push up on their hands or pull themself up. The maximum recommended baby weight is 10kg / 22 pounds. 

    This is at around six months - but each baby is unique.

    Full details in the User Guide here


  • Do you sell fitted sheets designed for the Bednest mattress?

    Yes. We sell 2 types ..... 100% organic cotton and 65% cotton / 35% polyester. They are both fitted sheets and are available online on this website.


  • Do you sell or recommend a waterproof mattress protector?

    Our mattress covers are water-resistant, but not waterproof. We only offer a limited range of items on our shop page. We do not sell a waterproof mattress cover nor are we able to recommend one.

  • Can I use a cot bumper?

    Cot bumpers or other padding or toys are not recommended to be used with the Bednest as they can be a smothering risk. Do not add any padding around the edge of the mattress as it may act as a step/ramp up the sides.

    They also reduce sleeping space and can impede airflow.

    More information in the User Guide here

  • Is it possible to use a baby respiratory monitor with a sensor pad under the mattress?

    Nothing should be placed under the mattress that may increase the sleep surface height of the mattress above the MAX line label affixed to the inside end panel. IMPORTANT: The sleep surface means the surface your baby sleeps on - so don't add anything under or over the mattress that increases the sleep surface above the MAX line.

    Some sensors may pick up any movement from the adult bed when the crib is attached to the adult bed and therefore may not give an accurate reading in this mode. As a consequence it is not advised to use one unless the crib is free-standing and at least 30cm away from the parent's bed. IMPORTANT: As with any crib, make sure both the sides are fully up and secure if the crib is used away from your bed.


    If you have any doubt or concern or need more information on when to use the pad, please ask your questions directly to the manaufacturer or supplier of the sensor pad before you attempt to use it.

  • Can I use any mattress I choose or an additional mattress in the Bednest?

    No. You should only use one of the mattresses we supply. They are designed to be the correct length, width and depth.

    Never use a mattress that exceeds the height of the MAX line printed at the end the Bednest as this will reduce the height of the sides.



    More information in the User Guide here

  • Can I put a wedge under the mattress?

    NO. This will increase the sleep surface height and reduce the height of the side panels.


    For more information please refer to the User Guide here 

  • What if I need to change the delivery date?

    We dispatch your order within a few days of receipt. We use the post for sheets, fabric sides and small items. We generally use a courier for mattresses. Sorry we cannot change delivery dates after receipt of an order. 

    We cannot give an exact delivery date when an order is placed. It will be delivered in approximately 3-7 working days. 

  • Is it OK to leave the side down if I am not able to observe and attend to baby?

    Whenever the side panel is not fully raised and secured you must be in a position to supervise your baby. This means you need to be able to observe and attend to your baby.

    Opening the side panel by your bed makes it easy to bring baby into your bed for care, comfort and feeding. It is then easy to return baby to the crib without lifting over a high side. 

    When it's time for you to go to sleep, simply raise the side panel and secure it at the top. It is secured silently so it won't disturb your baby. You can still see through the transparent mesh side panel. For nighttime feeds, simply open the side, no need to leave your bed. 


    Never leave the sides open when the crib is not attached to the bed / used free-standing.

    PLEASE NOTE: As a precaution Bednests supplied by us after November 2015 no longer have a half-folding side panel. If you have a half-folding side panel it should be updated with a simple free modification kit. See here.

  • I’ve had a modification kit sent to me but I have lost it - what parts do I need to purchase?

    We are no longer sending replacement kits if the first has been received but then lost. The modification kit comprised basic items that can be purchased in most good DIY stores. 

    1 x Phillips PH00 screwdriver 

    2 x M2 SCK cross head screws

    • M2 Metric Thread Size (T) M2 (2mm)
    • A2 Stainless Steel, also known as 18-8 or 304 Stainless Steel.
    • Length (L): 10mm.

    Here is a link to the fitting instructions in English - click here


    Fitting instructions in 5 other languages can be found here


    In the meantime do not use the crib with the side panel in the half-folded position. 

  • I can't locate the screw holes for the modification kit. What should I do?

    Please contact us so we can assist.

  • What should I do if I have the older design Bednest with a half-fold side?
    Older Bednests that have a half-folding side pose a risk of a baby getting its neck over the side resulting in rapid death or injury.  IMMEDIATELY STOP USING THE BEDNEST IF IT HAS A FOLDING PANEL CAPABLE OF BEING LEFT IN THE HALF-RAISED POSITION. 
    Click here for full details of this and to request a modification kit if you own a Bednest which has not yet been modified to prevent it from being capable of being left in the half-folded position.
    Please note: All Bednests manufactured and rented after November 2015 have been modified already and therefore all current and new orders are not affected.