Always read and follow the safety instructions

1. If baby is unsupervised ensure both sides are fully up and secured. As a precautionary measure, the 2016 Bednest eliminated the side panel 'half-fold' capability due to some safety concerns. Older Bednests should be updated to this standard with a simple, free modification kit. Read more here.
2. If the crib is used away from your bed ensure both sides are fully up and secured.
3. Follow safe sleep guidelines and place baby on their back to sleep. Do not place baby on their tummy to sleep unless directed to do so by your physician. 
4. As with any baby product, always read and follow the warnings and instructions. If you acquire a second-hand crib without the instruction manual, or have lost the instructions, you can download a copy here contact us and we will post or email you a copy. You can also request a set of warning labels for the crib.
5. Only use a Bednest branded mattress that we supply. The top of this will sit below the MAX line printed on the label on the inside end panel of the crib.
6. Never place anything underneath or on top of the mattress that raises the sleep surface above the MAX line. The only item to be used over the mattress cover as a sleep surface should be a sheet. 
7. Do not use a bumper or padding around the sides of the crib as these may pose a suffocation risk. Do not use any padding/material around the mattress edge as this may act as a step/ramp up the sides of the crib.
8. If you use the tilt feature in the stand, ensure the raised (head) end is no more than 5cm / 2 inches higher than the lower (foot) end. To check this, measure the distance of each end to the floor. 
If you have any questions please contact us - our details are on this website.