11 reasons why renting is a smart option.

1. Baby products are not needed for very long - so by renting you have the use of the crib for the time you need it for a fraction of the price to buy.
2. Nothing to sell when you no longer need it. Renting saves all the hassle of advertising your used crib. You know the rental cost at the outset - whereas selling a used crib has no certainty of what price you might get or how much money you may lose - or even if it will actually sell at all.
3. Nothing to store when you no longer need it. Used cribs take up space. Far better to send a rented crib back to release the space! 
4. Latest spec for each rental. When you rent a Bednest, you can be assured it has been updated to the latest specification complete with a User Guide.
5. Supplied with a new mattress every time. Even if you borrow a crib from friends or family or reuse a crib you have, it's recommended that you buy a new mattress for each new baby. It is a condition of our rentals that a new mattress is bought and supplied each time - always new - not rented. The same applies to the fabric sides. 
6. Lovingly cleaned and refurbished by our own team. We are based in Stratford Upon Avon - and that's where every crib for rental is carefully prepared to be as good as new for the next user. If any of the wooden parts need replacing then that's what we do. 
7. No pressure of a fixed return date. The rental period is six months from when your baby is born - with FREE extra time on request. The actual time your baby will need the Bednest is determined by their movement capability and weight - not just their age. That might be as short as 4-5 months - but it also might be as long as 8 months; e.g. for a baby born before full term. The flexibility we offer on timing also means you can have delivery of the Bednest a couple of weeks before your due date - so you can be prepared, without eating into a fixed rental period.
8. Simple pricing. The price you pay for the rental includes delivery to your home and the collection at the end of the rental when you no longer need it. There is nothing more to pay for any extra time your baby may need - just ask. In the pricing you see what is rented and what items are bought because they're new each time - just for your baby.
9. The fabrics are new every time. Every rental is only ever sent out with a new mattress and new fabric sides. These are yours to keep - not rented.
10. 30 day money-back guarantee. You have up to 30 days from when we deliver your rental to decide if it's right for you - and if it's not we offer a full refund and we collect at our cost. This applies even if you have been using the Bednest. 
11. Good for the environment. Renting is recycling. That means the use of less trees and less energy. On that note - please remember to keep the packaging for the return! Thank you.
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