What is a Pre-Loved Bednest?

A. Quite simply it is a Bednest bedside crib that has been previously hired to our customers and which has been fully cleaned and refurbished with some brand new items by our trained team to be virtually as good as new. 
Q. Which items are refurbished and which items are brand new?
A. The wooden crib and the stand are refurbished. The mattress, fabric sides and packaging are all brand new.
Q. What does ‘refurbished’ actually mean?
A. It means that we bring the Bednest back to a condition that’s virtually indistinguishable from a totally new Bednest. This includes thorough cleaning with disinfectants and replacing any parts as needed - whether it is for functional or cosmetic reasons. 
Q. Are Pre-Loved Bednests modified and updated to the latest specification?
A. Yes. This includes applying the latest safety labelling to crib and stand - and including the latest printed User Guide.
Q. Are these ex-hired Bednests sold off because they’re no longer fit to be rented?
A. No. From time to time we offer Pre-Loved cribs as a money-saving opportunity for customers who prefer to own our premium bedside crib without the need to pay the full price of a new one.  
Q. So would I notice that the wooden crib and stand have been used before?
A. It depends on how you look at it! We use a simple rule. If we can see a scratch or dent that stands out when viewed at a distance of one meter away we change the panel. Anything else simply blends in and doesn’t detract from the beauty of the wood. Remember wood is a natural material and will have all sorts of markings in the grain if you look closely - even when it’s brand new. 
Q. What about the 2 x attachment straps - are they included?
A. Yes. 
Q. Is it better than buying one second-hand? 
A. We think so as it is modified to the latest specification and we provide a full 12 months warranty. In addition to being fully refurbished we include a mattress, fabric side panels and packaging which are all brand new. The price even includes delivery to your UK address. And you can return it for a full refund up to 30 days from when it’s delivered if it doesn’t suit your needs. It is unlikely that you’d get all this buying a second-hand crib privately.
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